being authentically you!

Choosing the direction of your life according to your inner lady to follow your purpose bringing joy and happiness to your life

Do you know who you are?

Before you begin to follow your path & purpose, you need to know who you are, reconnect with your inner self for guidance.  Reconnecting with yourself helps your inner lady be heard, so you can follow your passions and purpose to be truly authentically you!

Are you a healthy bundle of joy and happiness?  If so, well done as chances are you are being authentically you already!  If not, then keep reading and find out more.

Tuning into your environment is one method of knowing where you are.  This is because our environment (eg car, house, office, body) is a reflection of ourselves.  Generally speaking we hold onto things we enjoy BUT sometimes we hold onto things because we should, we feel guilty if we don't or we're not sure what to do with it, so hold on just in case it may be needed at a later date.  Sound familiar?  By taking the time to understand our emotional and mental attachment to physical things, you can empower yourself to make decisions that support and nurture your true authentic self.  Understanding the messages we are getting from our environment supports our decisions.

 Your house absorbs your energy and as a result, becomes a reflection of you.   Looking around your house can be a useful tool to understanding who you are, what is holding you in place.   Getting to know yourself (accepting the good and the bad equally) helps you to love and embrace your true self.   Once you know yourself, being authentically you helps you to listen to your inner desires and take action to walk your path this lifetime.   But how do you know what your house is saying about you?

What does your house say about you?

How does your energy flow?

Setting Goals
"Begin with the end in mind. - Stephen Covey"

My help guides you to:

  1. look at your environment
  2. understand the importance of symbolism
  3. how to read your home and yourself
  4. understand, identify & release clutter & energy blocks that stop you from hearing your inner voice
  5. embrace your choice of action you are guided to take
  6. encourage you to be your true authentic self & has you living a joyous, happy & fulfilled life

How is this best done?

Following are the three options to assist you with finding your authentic self:

  1. Minding Your Body Workshop - 1/2 day course where we look at putting the Feng Shui bagua over your body, identify any blocks that might be stopping you from living a happy & healthy life, learning about how to be mindful of what you think, say & do, do a guided meditation & fill out a gratitude book that you will take home
  2. Energy Flow Workshop - 2 day course - where we look at understanding your house to understand your body by placing the Feng Shui bagua over your house sketch to identify blocked areas in the flow of energy through your house, learn to identify clutter, the impact clutter has on your life & your goals, then how to clear clutter, looking at being mindful of what you think, say & do.   This course is aimed at guiding you to listen to your inner voice
  3. Online course - Both the above courses will be available online to do at your own pace

About Us

My journey started before I was born when I promised myself I would live my life being my most authentic/true self & live an awesome life. Then I was born & forgot all of these intentions.  Over time they are coming back to me as my path unravels itself & challenges me to face my fears & embrace challenges as they arise, while remembering to live a balanced & loving life.

On my journey, I was introduced to Feng Shui which looks at the energy within and around a house.  This felt natural to me so I explored the process further and realised that both my energy could be affected by the house I was in as well as I am able to leave my energy in a house influencing others.  Energy is sticky so tends to hang around.  This intrigued me to the extent I would now like to share the same information beyond my family to include others whom are interested.

I have realised that I am not alone on this journey as there are people around me who are happy to offer their guidance when asked.  What I have learnt is that my lessons are my own to work through & I am the only one who can do my work.  My journey is not over just because I have learnt a few things about myself, it is continuous as I learn to look within, hear my inner voice, confront my fears & step out of my comfort zone.  The path is not always easy but the joy & exhilaration I achieve is worth the discomfort.  Connecting with like minded souls has helped me through these challenges.

I have incorporated my Feng Shui knowledge into our lives & Jeff, my wonderful business partner who works with me in our design & draught office - Specky's Workshop.  He is also an ex-builder puts these concepts into laymans terms so that the information becomes more understandable to become Interior Spatial Design information.  After shifting the clutter, it is nice to cleanse the room with room sprays which Tennille (Jeff & my daughter) helps me to make, package & post when she is not doing school work.

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Why Dragonflies?

Dragonflies are associated with self-illusion.  I feel that this is where I have been in my life which has left me often thinking I have no choice.  Wrong!  Everything I do is my choice but it is only now that I am able to make choices based on my true authentic self which leaves me happy, joyful and with a feeling that I have a purpose in life to share my journey with you so that some part of it may help you.
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